Qinux DeHumiPur, the intelligent dehumidifier that controls the environment

Qinux DeHumiPur, reviews and opinions

Buying a dehumidifier like Qinux DeHumiPur can improve your quality of life

Qinux DeHumiPur is an electric dehumidifier that eliminates humidity from the air and cleans the environment of particles that can be harmful to health. In addition, it prevents the formation of mold and stabilizes the indoor climate of your home.

How the Qinux DeHumiPur electric dehumidifier works

Thanks to a motor that sucks the air and passes it through a drying filter, the humidity of this air condenses and falls into a tank. Next, the Qinux DeHumiPur dehumidifier returns dry air to the room. In this way the environment dries out naturally.

Reach the optimal humidity points with the Qinux DeHumiPur dehumidifier

Qinux DeHumiPur review and opinions
From 60% humidity, mites and fungi that are harmful to health can appear. The Qinux DeHumiPur dehumidifier’s smart sensor detects when the ambient humidity is outside healthy ranges and activates.

In addition to this, it can be disconnected when a dry environment is reached, remember that ambient humidity below 30% causes throat irritation and also damages your home, walls, plasters and even generates more static electricity.

Features and advantages of the Qinux DeHumiPur home dehumidifier

  • Without battery, it connects to the electrical outlet directly.
  • Air filter that renews the environment by eliminating mites and fungi caused by excess humidity.
  • Silent motor that allows it to be used even while you are sleeping.
  • Intelligent ambient humidity control that regulates the operation of the device.
  • The ideal humidity parameters in the air in a house range between 30% and 50%.
  • Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, it helps eliminate steam and bad odors.
  • Decorative LED lights that you can turn on as an ambient lamp.
  • Low energy consumption, the motor barely uses electricity.
  • Other environmental purifiers such as Air Protect Pro they do not eliminate environmental humidity.
  • Ideal for use in summer if you connect an evaporative air conditioning since these devices humidify the environment.
  • If your problem is dry weather, you can try the humidifier Qinux UmissPro among others.
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  • Free delivery worldwide.
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Our final evaluation of the Qinux DeHumiPur air dehumidifier

For summer or in very humid areas, where most air conditioning devices cause excess humidity, it can be a very useful device, especially if there are people with hasma or respiratory problems at home.

Conclusions and opinions of the review author of the Qinux DeHumiPur dehumidifier

The order arrived quickly and very well presented. The device works well, I had to use a humidifier first to be able to do an objective test, and the truth is that it dries the environment. Plus it doesn’t make much noise. Good device.

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