Shape Watch the most powerful sports smartwatch

Shape Watch the most powerful smartwatch reviews and opinions

Is Shape Watch really good compared to other powerful models? Shape Watch is a smart watch that stands out for being one of the most powerful on the market thanks to its AI. This model expands our latest generation smartwatch catalog. -50% in Official Store It has the usual Smartwatch functions such as a step … Read more

Alternatives to Apple watch

What alternatives are there to iWatch, the Apple Watch? Alternatives to iWatch there are hundreds. First of all we must ask ourselves if we want a smartwatch similar to Apple Watch but cheaper, or we want a different watch as an alternative in features and functions. Our cheap alternatives for iWatch are the models that … Read more

Dual iWatch the hands-free smartwatch

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Review and operation of Dual iWatch the smartwatch and wireless headset Dual iWatch is a new product that combines a smart watch with a hands-free device, all in one. This allows us to perform different activities, releasing the phone and moving everything to this device. -50% in Official Store This gadget has a sports band, … Read more

Best smartwatch for 2020

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These are the best brand smartwatches of 2020 at a low price These on top smart watches that have marked a trend at the end of 2019 and that we now present you in our top for smartwatch 2020. eWatch, the most popular smartwatch One of the best selling smartwatches of 2019 has been eWatch. … Read more

Hybrid Watch the two-in-one analog smartwatch

Smartwatch Hybrid Iwatch

A new concept for analog smartwatch Hybrid Watch with smart technology Hybrid watch review present a watch that combines the best of the digital technology of smart watches, and the elegance of analog watches. The Hybrid smartwatch. A gadget created exclusively for technology lovers who enjoy well designed and elegant machines. -50% in Official Store … Read more

eWatch new versión of the Smartwatch

Read our eWatch review official smartwatch and all the news of its new version eWatch is a latest generation smartwatch and is the ideal solution to have our gadgets connected. It is a smartwatch similarly to Apple Watch or Xwatch, which allows us to access our smartphone and its entire alert system, such as calendar, … Read more

Colour Watches, the smart watch that monitors your health!

Colour watch is the smartwatch that never goes out of style Color Watch with eWatch one of the best selling watches in the world. This is because it offers an elegant and youthful design that combines with all ages, in addition to a large number of technical features that make it an excellent health tracking … Read more