CarVac, the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner

Nuvac review and opinions

Clean any corner with CarVac, the lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner CarVac is a powerful cordless mini vacuum cleaner that you can operate with one hand, and thanks to its brushless motor and high-performance suction, you can use it to remove dirt from any corner of your home or car. -50% in official store Save energy … Read more

StaySafe 5 in 1, by LifeSafe

Staysafe Lifesafe review and opinions

Take on any fire with StaySafe and easily eliminate the danger StaySafe from the company LifeSafe is a fire extinguisher that works like an aerosol, and that is more practical, since it allows you to use it instantly without the need for the usual process of removing rings from the usual fire extinguishers. -50% in … Read more

Cleanuum Pro, cordless mini handheld vacuum cleaner

Cleanuum review and opinions

With the new Cleanuum Pro mini vacuum cleaner, the car is always clean Cleanuum Pro is a new mini handheld vacuum cleaner for cars, small, foldable and very functional that will surprise you with its power and cleaning capacity. You can use it in the car, or in any corner or furniture in your house. … Read more

Fuel savers that work

fuel saver review and opinions

Install a fuel saver in your car and pay less Fuel savers that work are those that perform an analysis of your car’s performance parameters, together with the driver’s driving style, and readjust the engine from the electrical control to improve performance and reduce consumption. FIXD EcoRide Smartfuel FAQ reviews and opinions Improve the health … Read more

ClearView night driving glasses

Clearview review and opinions

Increase your safety at night with ClearView, blue light glasses ClearView are glasses designed for night driving, and to eliminate blue light that can be annoying or cause poor vision in rain, fog or at night. It is also an excellent filter for blue light when using the computer and other screens. -50% in official … Read more