Zippy Wall Charger, one of the safest multiple chargers

Zippy Wall Charger reviews and opinions

Extend the life of your devices with Zippy Wall Charger, the most cost-effective charger Zippy Wall Charger is a new smart charger with three USB connectors that allows you to quickly charge your devices safely and efficiently, with a very low price of between $19 and $14.95 per unit. Official store Access here to buy Charge … Read more

CozyCharge, the hand warmer with universal power bank

CozyCharge reviews and opinions

Warm hands and a charged phone, with CozyCharge you have it all CozyCharge is a hand warmer that charges your phone, or a charging bank that warms your hands. You choose what to call it, the effect is the same. Thanks to this ingenious gadget, we can charge any device while warming our hands. Official … Read more

Power Snapz, smart 4-in-1 charger

Power Snapz reviews and opinions

Charge your devices quickly with Power Snapz and without fear of overloads Power Snapz is a 4-in-1 charger with intelligent voltage control that allows you to charge up to four devices simultaneously. Also much faster than with conventional chargers. Official store Access here to buy How the Power Snapz 4-in-1 Rapid Charger works Because it uses … Read more