Mobee Pro Cinemashot, the image stabilizer

Mobee Pro Cinemashot review and opinions

Perfect photos and videos with Mobee Pro Cinemashot, stable and sharp image Mobee Pro Cinemashot is a camera stabilizer mount that fits phones and tablets. With this device you can have a totally continuous image without jumps and without distortion. You will be able to avoid blurred photos and you will get professional video quality. … Read more

Photo Stick, the evolution of the universal flash drive

The Photo Stick review and opinions

The official Photo Stick flash drives for all devices Photo Stick is a brand of high-capacity memory sticks that are compatible with all devices, with an APP created to recover all types of files and store them organized. works with all kinds of computers, tqablets and phones. PhotoStick Omni Model The PhotoStick Classic Details All … Read more

Zoomshot Pro, best zoom for smartphones

Zoomshot Pro, best zoom for smartphones

The mobile phone tactical zoom Zoomshot Pro fits everything ZoomShot Pro is the new tactical zoom for smartphones and tablets and photographic accessory that resists all types of terrain and that with its magnification up to X18 will allow you to take the best photos outdoors without the need to carry a professional camera. 1 … Read more

Ultra Zoom, lens for smartphones

Ultra Zoom for smartphones review and opinions

The best panoramic photos with 4K Ultra Zoom at incredible distances Ultra Zoom is the new magnifying lens for the cameras of smartphones and tablets, which will allow you to take photos with HD quality at up to X300 increases. This will allow you to get sharp and detailed photos from a long distance. -50% … Read more

Phone Cooler the new cooler for smartphones

Phone Cooler the phone battery cooler reviews and opinions

Your phone always at low temperature with Phone Cooler, the universal refrigerator Phone Cooler is a virtually instantaneous phone battery cooling device. Thanks to its adaptable design, it can cool any mobile phone or tablet in seconds and keep it at a suitable temperature. -50% in official store How does the Phone Cooler work? You … Read more