Category: Health and Beauty

VitaSole the smart insoles for feet

Walk without pain with VitaSole the magnetic silicone insoles ViTasole are silicone insoles to avoid pain when walking and improve foot care. With more than 250 acupuncture points and five magnetic pressure points they will improve your footprint by 99%. -50%...

Health Socks the anti-chafing socks

With the Heath Socks seamless socks you will enjoy any footwear Heath Socks are new socks without any seams and totally elastic that avoid any type of chafing and discomfort on the feet when walking. They are also fully breathable and...

Airphysio for children from 4 years

We present Airphysio for children, an official product of the brand Airphysio for children is the well-known lung training and mucosal cleaning device, specially adapted for the little ones. With this new design they will be able to improve their health... Protection Status