Bralloon, Push-up bra that improves your posture

Bralloon review and opinions

Forget back pain with Bralloon, the posture corrector bra Bralloon is a bra without seams or underwire designed to correct the posture of your back and thus avoid pain that can be caused by poorly supported chest or inappropriate clothing. Dress elegantly and improve your health. -50% in official store Access here to buy Choosing the … Read more

Lumigen, hot and cold anti-aging laser

Lumigen review and opinions

Reshape your face with Lumigen, the dermatologist-tested anti-aging laser Lumigen is a laser that has up to five different beauty laser treatments. You will be able to carry out facial peeling sessions and take care of each and every one of the factors that generate imperfections and age marks and acne, sun or impurities. -50% … Read more

Electrapy, adaptable electric massager

Electrapy review and opinions

Portable relaxation with Electrapy, the most versatile massager Electrapy is a new electrostimulation massager that, in addition to working on the neck and back, can be used on other parts of the body such as the abdomen, arms or legs. Relax all your muscles and eliminate tension with a complete massage. -50% in official store Access … Read more

Beyond Body in English, wellness Book

Beyond Body review and opinions

Personalized diet with Beyond Body, the most personal book Beyond Body is a new concept of personalized diet. This new method creates, through specialized nutritionists, a book with all the meals you can eat to follow a personalized weight-loss diet. -50% in official store Save money with your personalized Beyond Body diet book Many people … Read more

Sittamax smart posture corrector

Sittamax review and opinions

Recover your natural posture with Sittamax, the ideal neck corrector Sittamax is an intelligent posture corrector that is placed between the lower neck area and the beginning of the back. With an intelligent detector that calculates the curvature of the spine in that area, it emits a small vibration impulse that alerts you when your … Read more

Niufais, best facial LED phototherapy

Niufais review and opinions

With the new Niufais you won’t care which profile you show in your photos Niufais is a spectacular facial rejuvenator that has various beauty treatments in a single device. With this great advance you will be able to perform all types of treatments for your face and neck without the need for cosmetics. Learn more … Read more

Fit Smart Scale, Fittrack Weight Control

Fit Smart Scale review and opinions

Control your weight with the Fit Smart Scale and maintain a balanced diet Fit Smart Scale is much more than a scale, it is an intelligent weight control system that will allow you to know the results of your sports routines and diets on your body every day. It is the perfect motivation to take … Read more