UVBrite, the bottle sterilizer

UVBrite review and opinions

Water always sterilized with UVBrite, the UV purifying bottle UVBrite is a bottle with a UV-C ray water sterilization system that allows you to obtain drinking water from any source, tap or spring in a few seconds. You just have to fill it and activate the UV purifying system. -50% in official store Quench your … Read more

ClearView night driving glasses

Clearview review and opinions

Increase your safety at night with ClearView, blue light glasses ClearView are glasses designed for night driving, and to eliminate blue light that can be annoying or cause poor vision in rain, fog or at night. It is also an excellent filter for blue light when using the computer and other screens. -50% in official … Read more

Qinux Brick Pro Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Qinux Brick Pro review and opinions

Fill your excursions with energy with Qinux Brick Pro, the solar all-in-one Qinux Brick Pro is a kit of devices with built-in solar charger and dynamo charger. Thanks to a 5000Mah battery included, you can charge your devices, listen to music or illuminate yourself in the dark with its LED flashlight. -50% in official store … Read more

Smart Popup Light the ideal portable lamp

Smart Popup Light review and opinions

Light up your adventures with Smart Popup Light wherever you are Smart Popup Light is a new portable LED lamp designed for camping and outdoor use that will illuminate your nights on any excursion. The 500 lumens of low consumption and its tubular design with 360º illumination make it perfect for all types of night … Read more

Smart Thermo with thermometer and no spills

Smart Thermo reseñas y opiniones

Your food and drink to the point with Smart Thermo, both in winter and summer Smart Thermo is a new thermos with a built-in touch screen thermometer that allows you to see the temperature inside. In addition, it has been manufactured with high resistance materials and design that will keep the contents cold and hot … Read more

Tactical Flashlight the cheap military flashlight

high power Tactical Flashlight reviews and opinions

The new military Tactical Flashlight now more compact and durable The military flashlight from the Tactical Flashlight brand comes with a great improvement in its design and performance. It is a tremendously useful tool for hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. In addition to an excellent emergency complement inside your vehicle. -50% in official store The … Read more

Moskinator 2023, the Moskito Pro repellent bracelet

Moskinator 2023, the Moskito Pro repellent bracelet

Mosquito free wherever you go with Moskinator, Moskito pro official watch Moskinator 2023 Moskito Pro i is the most effective anti-mosquito watch and has been designed to be anywhere without problems due to mosquito bites. It is designed for all ages, and work in any situation. -50% in official store How does the electric anti-mosquito … Read more