Anti mosquito watch and insect repellent bands

Anti mosquito watch and insect repellent bands

What are ultrasound mosquito wristbands and watches? The best Ultrasound mosquito repellent and insect repellent bracelets and watches are connected wrist-worn devices. These emit a low-frequency sound that repels insects, avoiding bites and discomfort they cause. You can find out more in the following comparison. How do insect repellent bracelets and watches work? The anti-mosquito … Read more

RiddiaSip, the pocket drink warmer

RiddiaSip review and opinions

Your hot drink instantly with RiddiaSip, and enjoy the best temperature RiddiaSip is a pocket drink warmer that works with the most advanced technology to offer you a practical solution that helps you keep your drinks hot anywhere, anytime and without cables. -50% in official store Access here to buy Easy to use and practical that … Read more

FLPSDE, snack and drink bottle

flpsde dual bottle review and opinions

Always prepared with FLPSDE, the dual chamber bottle FLPSDE is a bottle with a double compartment that allows you to carry drinks in one section and food, other drinks or even personal belongings, fully protected from cold and heat. Its 800ml capacity gives you endless possibilities. -50% in official store Access here to buy Hot or … Read more

Lumforce Flashlight, best military flashlight

Lumforce flashlight review and opinions

Walk your way with Lumforce Flashlight and you’ll always know where you’re stepping Lumforce Flashlight is the new brand of military flashlights that will amaze you with its power, resistance and versatility. In addition to being comfortable to use and very light, its folding handle and two-way battery make it an essential survival mechanism. -50% … Read more

RealAction Pro, mini sports camera

RealAction Pro review and opinions

Get the best images with RealAction Pro, the adventure camera RealAction Pro is a mini 4K camera resistant to each and every one of the activities you want to do. In addition to an excellent moving image capture system, it is submersible and records underwater in 4K. -50% in official store Broadcast live with the … Read more

What to take on a trip

What to take on a trip

Make your list of things to travel without hurry What to take on a trip is one of the things we always ask ourselves before leaving, and that we never complete. To avoid missing something in your suitcase when you need it most, we have prepared this guideline review. Find out what products can be … Read more

Mosqinux Watch, powerful anti-mosquito bracelet

Mosqinux Watch review and opinions

The evolution of anti-mosquito watches is Mosqinux Watch, with an elegant design Mosqinux Watch is a latest generation anti-mosquito watch. In terms of quality, design and features, we can say that it replaces and improves its predecessors such as Moskinator or Mozzy Watch among others. -50% in official store Why is the Mosqinux Watch anti-mosquito … Read more

GoPure Pod, ecological water purifier

GoPure Pod, ecological water purifier

Healthier water with GoPure Pod, the filters that work GoPure Pod are water purifying capsules that eliminate solid waste through filtering and magnetization. Thanks to this novel invention you will be able to improve the quality and taste of the water you drink while reducing heavy metals and limescale in your body. -50% in official … Read more

Noise canceling headphones

Noise canceling headphones review and opinions

The best wireless noise canceling headphones Noise-canceling headphones are those that allow you to hear the sound they reproduce with total clarity, while blocking outside noise through active technology based on wave interference called ANC (Active Noise Control). Gear Airbuds PRO ActivBeat 2.0 Audio Hall Pro FAQ Reviews and opinions No need to go to … Read more