Boolex Sport Gloves

Boolex Sport Gloves review and opinions

Enjoy the cold with Boolex Sport Gloves without getting cold Boolex Sport Gloves are winter tactile gloves designed to keep your hands warm while you can at the same time perform any activity naturally and maintaining touch. They are the most comfortable in their category. -50% in official store Use the phone without getting cold … Read more

Boojoy Leggins, the winter pants

Boojoy leggins review and opinions

The winter garment Boojoy Leggins is the novelty this year Boojoy Leggins are basic pants that will allow you to combine any clothing indoors and outdoors without being cold or hot thanks to its combination of thermal fabrics with its latest generation perspiration. -50% in official store The winter garment that you can take advantage … Read more

Sneakett, the ideal shoe covers

Sneakett review and opinions

Your shoes always clean with Sneakett, wherever you are Sneakett are waterproof and dirt-proof covers for shoes and all kinds of footwear that allow you to keep your footwear clean after having been walking in rain, sand, snow or any other dirty or wet situation. -50% in official store Don’t drag dirt from the street … Read more

LuminHatt the hat with light and music

Luminhatt review and opinions

Warm and connected with LuminHatt, the most modern hat LuminHatt is a winter hat with light and bluetooth sound player with an intelligent system to answer calls and at the same time keep your ears warm. With this new gadget, you will be warm and connected at all times. -50% in official store The most … Read more

HyperShoes, the ideal slippers

Super Air Shoes Hypershoes review and opinions

This winter discover the new HyperShoes and relax your feet HyperShoes are the new mixed Hyper Shoes type slippers that will allow you to move around your house and outdoors in cold climates while keeping your feet dry, warm and very comfortable. -50% in official store HyperShoes slippers show you the importance of body heat … Read more

Heaton, the best heated vest

Heaton review and opinions

Fight winter with Heaton, the heater in a vest Heaton is a vest with an integrated electric heating system that allows you to regulate body temperature in a few minutes and keep your body warm in a comfortable and discreet way in situations of intense cold or even indoors. -50% in official store Save on … Read more

Keyzmo the most versatile multi-tool

Keyzmo review and opinions

The multi-tool Keyzmo is the gadget of the future Keyzmo is a multipurpose tool with more than 20 applications in a single piece of 420 stainless steel, resistant to everything and that will be useful for many years. Solve small daily inconveniences just by taking it out of your pocket. -50% in official store Make, … Read more