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AutoCharge hand cranking dynamo charger

Official Product Review of AutoCharge the Manual Dynamo Charger Autocharge is a manual dynamo charger for mobile with USB connection, which consists of an internal dynamo that generates electricity through the rotation of a crank, and which is transmitted to 12V....

Foamatic, the automatic soap dispenser

All about Foamatic the most hygienic automatic liquid dispenser Foamatic is an automatic soap dispenser designed to serve foam soap without direct contact with the machine. -50% in Official Store It works by means of a sensor, which reads the hands...

The best mosquito trap

We present the best models of led mosquito trap with suction fan Electric mosquito traps with LED lights are usually home use devices that kill insects such as mosquitoes, wasps, flies luring and killing them. How does the led mosquito trap... Protection Status