Qinux Magicell, let’s discover together the new card holder with NFC protection

Qinux Magicell reviews and opinions

Find out what people think about Qinux Magicell and leave your opinion We have evaluated this gadget in direct consultation with the sellers, and we will try to solve all your doubts on a technical level. But you can also see the user opinions along with the rating they give so you can get a … Read more

Qinux Moscope, this is my presentation of the monocular for smartphones

Qinux Moscope reviews purchase and opinions

Learn more about this monocular designed for you to enjoy If you want to know more about Moscope from the Qinux brand, in this report we put at your disposal all the data provided by the official store and we explain in detail how you can enjoy it. In addition, you can see user reviews … Read more

Qinux Travelizi, the universal travel adapter

Qinux Travelizi reviews and opinions

Don’t let anything leave you off with Qinux Travelizi, the most universal plug Qinux Travelizi is a universal adapter that has four different plug types that you can slide in and use whenever you need depending on the type of outlet. It also has a universal input for all types of devices and four USB … Read more

iSpyPen Pro X, the elegant spy pen explained in detail

iSpyPen Pro X reviews and opinions

Record any awkward situation with iSpyPen Pro X, and feel like James Bond iSpyPen Pro X is a hidden camera pen worthy of spy novels. Thanks to innovative optical technology, it has a camouflaged HD camera and a microphone that allows you to record with total clarity up to 12 meters away. Weekly inquiries 2.117 … Read more

Qinux Drone K8, these are its updates for this year

Qinux Drone 4k reseñas y opiniones

Higher image quality with Qinux Drone K8, and improved flight control Qinux Drone K8 is a perfect starter quadcopter. In addition to a new wide-angle 4K camera and a bold, cheerful design full of small details that make it unique, it has new flight control and improved intelligent functions such as stabilizer or GPS routes. … Read more

Qinux Zoomzip, the microscope for smartphones

Qinux Zoomzip reviews and opinions

Attention: I have written this review based on my real experiences and consulting the technical data with the official sales company after testing the product. The opinions and conclusions of both mine and third parties are real and at no time are they intended to influence your purchase decision. Enjoy all the details with Qinux … Read more

Muama Ryoko, my personal review of the portable WiFi router with 4G

Muama Ryoko router reviews and opinions

Always browse safely with Muama Ryoko, the most private WiFi If you already know this 4G WiFi router and want to buy it, here I leave you the button to the official website, without deception. On the other hand, if you prefer to learn more about the product, keep reading the review I have written. … Read more

Qinux Ominix, the magnetic wallet with NFC protection

Qinux Ominix reviews and opinions

Give a modern touch to your cards with Qinux Ominix, the most innovative wallet Qinux Ominix is a semi-rigid wallet, with magnetic closure, that incorporates a magnetic ring, which allows you to hold your phone, so that you can always carry your cards attached to your phone, and at the same time have a practical … Read more

WaterBear, the cleaning patches for your lenses

WaterBear kuvst reviews and opinions

Clear image with WaterBear, your portable screen cleaner WaterBear are lens and screen cleaning patches that you can take with you wherever you want thanks to an ingenious adhesive system that keeps them stuck to any metal, PVC or glass support. Weekly inquiries 3.794 Official store Access here to buy Clear image instantly with your WaterBear … Read more

Poliglu, an instant translator that always accompanies you

Poliglu translator reviews and opinions

Travel wherever you want with Poliglu, and understand everything Poliglu is the most used instant voice translator in the world. In addition to having a very affordable price for all budgets, its Application compatible with all phones and tablets makes it perfect to accompany you to any corner of the world. Weekly inquiries 2.895 Official … Read more

Best bone conduction headphones, top sales 2024

Bone conduction headphones reviews and opinions

The future of audio: we show you bone conduction headphones With the advancement of technology, the world of audio has generated notable innovations. One of those advances is the development of bone conduction headphones. These futuristic devices have gained popularity due to their original and comfortable way of emitting sound. Let’s see how they work … Read more